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School of Professional Medical Guardians & Allied Health

Mission statement:

“Serving you, Serving me!”

We appreciate the relational & interconnectivity of happiness, well-being to the fulfilment of existence is never about us alone. By doing something for someone, sometimes, often provides the uplift; the buzz. This very same ‘buzz” that is needed in turn, to keep us healthier & happier.

Vision Statement:

Our aim at the School is to provide a holistic, well-tailored & informative programme to empower our Medical Guardians with the required skills & knowledge to be effective Managers in any given scenario.
We understand the need for accountability & responsibility, to ourselves, to society and to the Client Families who have entrusted their loved ones to us.
Hence, our vision is to be the Standard Bearer by benchmarking standards for quality, for the role of a Professional Medical Guardian.


Our objective is to recruit & train members of the general public who have the interest to continue to train, apply and subsequently, mentor others in the Skillsets which are good for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Selection Process:

Our selection maybe stringent but we are conscious of the need to recruit & train those who have empathy, who are hands-on, proactive & always eager to learn new things.


Syllabus contains tailored requirement for the training & subsequent work as a Professional Medical Guardian.
Our candidates are with the School for approximately 20 hours before they are Certified & Registered.


Please enquire about our enrolment process.
Our Classes are meant to be informative but also fun.
Come join us!
For further enquiries, please Ring: (+65) 9819 5719