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Registrar of Professional Medical Guardians

Why need a Register?

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd recognises that vulnerability is part & parcel, material & crucial in the consideration of any provision of services in Elder Care. Safeguards & accountability have therefore, being ring fenced. Delegated responsibility must always be taken seriously.
Our initiative to uphold this standard is by ensuring that training for Professional Medical Guardians is mandatory. More importantly, a process is in place to ensure that standards are vigorously maintained. Where redress is required, a mechanism is in place to address such issues quickly & transparently.

The Register:

The Register is open to all who have completed the Course or have the relevant exemptions to qualify.
Medical & Ancillary workers who have been in the Health Service is one such Special Group. Each application will be considered on a case to cases basis.
For more information, please ring: (+65) 9819 5719


Token Registration Fee for administration will be required. Registration covers a period of 2 years. There will be no further requirement for re-training thereafter.
Medical Guardians are encouraged to continually attend in-house courses or becoming mentors.


Register will be available for Agencies to tap – for example – in an emergency at short notice.
Please Ring: (+65) 9819 5719