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Medical Guardian Pte Ltd, Sole distributor of the Autochair range of products in Singapore.
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Professional Medical Guardians

Scope of Service

Who we are:

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is a service provider of Professional Guardian Services. As a professional service, training is mandatory & comprehensive. Our recruitment process is strict. Those who have completed the Course are subsequently Certified & Registered. The aim is to provide a level of service that is distinctive and acclaimed with a focus on good solid management of Clients’ welfare while in our charge.

Our role is to represent you, the instructing Client, in accompanying your loved ones to routine medical, dental or any other institutional activities. Such routine appointments do not necessarily require your presence all the time but can be undertaken by a well instructed & trained guardian who works in the interests of you & family.

Our aim is to serve, to complement and to provide choice for you & family. To offer a service that is specially tailored in accordance to the needs of our society.

The Service List below is not exhaustive but is a fair representation of the duties our guardians will undertake when under instruction.


Professional Medical Guardian Service

Part 1

All institutional visits will be followed up accordingly.

Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Service List

Part 2

Collection of Client Patient from home.

  • Detailed List prior to instructions.

Facilitating the safe & comfortable & seamless transfer of Client Patient to & from

  • Detailed List prior to instructions.

Managing the Daily Care needs adequately

  • Detailed List prior to instructions

Actively engaging the Client Patient

  • Detailed List prior to instructions

Managing the link between Client Family & Client Patient & Guardian

  • Detailed List prior to instructions

Managing expectations of Client Family, Client Patient & institutional staff.

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Be prepared for any unforeseen / as situation requires

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

At hospital / institution

  • Ensuring the registration of visit, appointment re-scheduling, collection of payment & any other administrative roles are professionally conducted.

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Management of travel & safe transfer of Client Patient home

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Facilitate safe & adequate handover

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Management of any miscellaneous issues

  • Detailed List will be discussed with Client Families prior to instructions

Charges for Service


Prices are based on the rate of $50 per hour. There are generous discounts available for both hourly rates or block bookings.

Block booking, however, enjoys the maximum discount of 25 % applied across the whole 10 hours.

On hourly bookings, there is a minimum of 2 hours charged per assignment at the rate of $50.00 per hour.  Subsequent time is calculated on a Graduated Scale with discounts of 5% to 25% across the board.  Detailed Pricing on application.

Please Enquire.


Elder Management Consultants


While the role of Professional Medical Guardians is mainly for accompanying Client Patients to institutional visits, Medical Guardian Pte Ltd also provides an Elder Management Service.

Our role in this instance is to act under instructions – by liaising with you – to implement, supervise, facilitate, trouble shoot & to report on your loved ones & miscellaneous notable events at home, as necessary, while you are away. Our objective is to provide Client Families with a management service that you can rely on for a peace of mind while on that holiday or on a business trip. Reporting can be via email, WhatsApp or verbal over the phone – as required.

Our role here as Professional Medical Guardians is to represent you, in homes, in your absence. This is a niche Service & comes individually tailored according to the requirement of our Client Families.

On these Assignments, our Professional Medical Guardians will also be able to accompany Client Patients on any institutional visits, arrange for all the necessary transfer, medication etc. with prior notice, as part of a Package.

Such Package arrangement can be made with us to cover a period of months.  Our objective is to ensure better planning for your travel, business or other activities which might otherwise be difficult to work around.

There are no specific Package deals for this is a niche service that Medical Guardian Pte Ltd offers to its’ Clients.

Please Enquire.

Eldercare Case Clinics


Eldercare Case Managers:
While medical care has been based on the paternalistic format – doctors determining next steps or treatment – the transition to Patient Autonomy – when patient or patient family are asked to decide – Eldercare Case Managers are the impartial choice to help families work through the possible options available, from immediate crisis to next course of action, potentially best for patient & families.

Case Management Clinics:

In the management of an elderly or infirm, it is often confusing when families are faced with dilemma of what is best or possible to do next for their loved ones.

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd offer, Case Management Clinics, with the required safeguards.


Our fee is based on the level of involvement from our Eldercare Managers & Consultants.
Ring for an appointment to discuss requirement.

Guardian Whisperer Service


Medical Guardian Pte Ltd provides a Guardian Whisperer Service. Our Service is professional & secular.

Our loved ones are precious up to the very end. The Guardian Whisperer Service is about providing choice & often respite, for families. All round companionship to the seriously ill can be very stressful & taxing during what is, after all, an anxious & stress-filled period in time.

With tenderness & compassion, Guardian Whisperers can provide families that little precious space to organise, to reenergise, collate & take stock, & prepare for the days ahead.

Our fees are based on the Professional Guardian Service. Block bookings can be purchased. Any time left over from the Professional Guardian Service can be used in lieu for this Guardian Whisperer Service.

Please Enquire.

Home Restoration – Post Bereavement Package


Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is offering a post Bereavement Home Restoration Package.

Where there are equipment and long term care involved, it can sometimes be a daunting task to start the clearing & cleaning & restoration process once a loved one has passed on.

Our service objective is to work sensitively but efficiently & effectively with least disruption to grieving families.

Please Enquire.

Community Engagement



Professional Medical Guardians who have completed the training, certified & registered with us are encouraged to volunteer.

As a company, community engagement is at the very heart of what we do; preparing our Medical Guardians to be managers ready to “act & react” in any given scenario albeit at home, in the community or at work with us. We hope to discharge our responsibility by filtering many into voluntary service for the betterment of the nation.

There are many options which you may like to consider.


Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit



Community First Aid Responders