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Launching July 2020
We believe in ethical business. Serving you with integrity
Medical Guardian Pte Ltd, Sole distributor of the Autochair range of products in Singapore.
Autochair, world leaders for AUTOMATION in healthcare.
AUTOMATION in transit, AUTOMATION in homes
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Our Fee Structure

  • Our Fee is Client Family Friendly!

  • Our Fee mitigates Over Consumption!

  • Our Fee offers a Pro-Rated Payment Structure!

“A Pro-Rated Payment Structure (PRPS) means that after the minimum requirement of 2 hours, all Client Families only pay for time in slots of every 15 minutes & not for the entire 60 minutes whether or not it is required.

Ethos: Dealing with Over Consumption

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is acutely aware of the propensity of Over Consumption in a free market economy. As a business, we have built our base on being ethical. Avoidance of over consumption is one of many issues that we have crucially built into our business plan.
Our aim is to ensure that while high standards are maintained, Services provided by our Company to the consumer will always remain equitable & sustainable.


Types of Pricing:

Block Booking:
Purchased in lots of 10 hours per block for the maximum of 25% discount to be applied across the entire base rate.
Graduated Sliding Scale:
Calculated on the amount of hours a consumer requires. Discounts vary according to the number of hours purchased.
This may all sound quite unnecessary and overly complex. In reality, it is not.


Pro-Rated Payment Structure: (PRPS)

To mitigate Over Consumption, Medical Guardian Pte Ltd leads in offering a Pro-Rated Payment Structure as oppose to Client Families having to consistently pay for the entire 60 minutes of any service whether or not it is required.
Pro-Rated Payment Structure applies to both on Block Booking & on the Graduated Sliding Scale.


Client Family Friendly:

Pro-Rated Payment Structure is Client Family Friendly as it removes all un-necessary time wasting & deals equitably with the problem of over consumption.


Our Promise:

Client Families engaging our Services will only be paying for the right amount of time that they require, Every Time!