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Asked on 05/16/2019 7:57 pm

First & foremost, in healthcare & as with any care activity, there must be consideration given to the carer before considering the needs of those needing care. Body mechanics plays a huge role in the success of what happens to the quality of care later on. As individuals living in community, we are often careless & do not really place emphasis on the way we look after & treat our bodies. We slump. We do not bend knees to lift. We twist & bend joints which may be designed specifically to be rotated & not in angles that are completely off the fulcrum. Damage to tendons & ligaments in tears or inflammation are not uncommon.

As we are what we eat, drink & breath, there are also cause for concern that our modern, highly consumerised diets are not containing the correct nutrient for the formation of strong bones & cartilage. Diets full in fats & sugars maybe the causing the explosion in obesity & ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes, which are life style associated. Being obese in itself is putting extra strain on our own bodies. Our hearts work harder. While our skeleton, muscles & cartilage are doing its best to hold up the extra mass. While there is concern when those we care for are heavier & less mobile, carers are having to work harder. Constant grind of caring can cause a lot of harm to our own back, hips & neck if we are not careful. A pulled muscle takes a very long time to heal.

Time in itself is a luxury when someone is a carer. It is therefore important to exercise caution every time a patient is moved. Whether it is just once every few hours or on a regular timing, the risks cannot be ignored. Training to lift & turn patients correctly helps in preventing injuries. Such skills are vital for it helps prevents carer injuries but it is also more assuring & comfortable for patients. Training for certain skill sets are therefore a must & it is prudent that such skill sets are acquired by everyone as these are skill sets that may one day come very useful.

Medcial Guardian Pte Ltd runs courses for the training of such skill sets. Whether you are a family carer, domestic worker or just a person interested to learn some basic nursing skills, these skills may help you stay safe & in turn pain free. Chronic back pain & weak knees are extremely common. Help yourself by learning about Body Mechanics.
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