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What is the most important aspect of reducing cross infection?
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Asked on 05/14/2019 4:42 pm

We are bombarded by germs & viruses daily. With modernity spreading rapidly, many more of us are joining life in the cities. Our streets are more crowded. Our homes are more cramped. Our interaction with others get more & more necessary. Air pollution is getting worse from the bi-products of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Green house gases are changing our climatic conditions which are in turn changing many ego systems. Temperature rises & there is an increase demand for air conditioning.

Have we ever considered that living in environments that are enclosed & breathing air that is constantly being re-circulated may not be that healthy? But what choice have we? In any case, often in malls there is pesticides added to the purification process of the circulating air to stop the spread of some of the harmful germs. Hard to imagine what our immune system has to overcome each day. Is it then a wonder that the weakened immune system is now found to be potentially the causative link to many diseases.

Eat a balanced diet. Sleep well. Exercise more. Less sugar. Less salt & more fruits & vegetables are some of the advice we have been given constantly. Maybe, it is good that we look again at the basics of what a balanced diet is or a balanced life style is. Modern life style is stressful & we are making it worse for ourselves if we do not look into trying to mitigate some factors which we cannot control.

Infections; germs or viruses, are opportunistic. They are found everywhere. Whether our bodily systems are overtaken by the these germs & viruses as they are rapidly multiplying is dependent on our bodily defense provided by our immune system. Thus, the common denominator that determines getting sick or staying well, is how well our immune system is functioning. Immune Therapy is now the latest in cancer treatment. What else can we do to help ourselves? Basic hygiene is often overlooked. Cross infection & hospital acquired bugs are often preventable with good basic hygiene. Washing of hands is simple yet how many people take as much care in hand washing? We, in the modern world are so obsessed with disposables; wipes, nappies, conti sheets, all contain plastics & hard to dispose. Maybe, time to wake up & stop cross infection by good basic hygiene starting with diligent hand washing & be ever conscious of what we can do to help ourselves each day. Ageing issues are much helped by good basic hygiene. Elderly as with children, with weakened or underdeveloped immune system, are susceptible to infections. Foot & Mouth Disease, Gastroenteritis, Noro virus, influenza are now more in the headlines. While it may be that our environments are becoming the perfect breading ground, it may also be that our immune systems are less able to continually fight off the onslaught. It is a scenario where to win the fight against infection, we really have to up our efforts to make hygiene top priority & try stem the knock on effects of cross infection in public places & in homes.

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Answered On 05/15/2019 3:06 pm