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Fall Proof your home.
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Asked on 04/03/2019 1:18 pm

Not surprisingly falls are the main cause of injury in older & elderly person. Eye sight fails, muscles weaken, concentration lapses, are some of the physiological concerns that creep in as we age. While some factors we can change, other maybe harder, there are quite a lot too that we as ageing sets in can implement to help ourselves.

It is worth consulting opticians once every 6 months to see if our eye sight has deteriorated. As we age, many diseases can affect sigh especially Diabetes & hypertension. Having a new pair of glasses is good for correcting sight but new glasses mean a period of danger as the person gets used to the difference in depth, perception & this may cause balance issues.

About 30% of muscle mass is lost as a person reached 50 & above. This is indeed a significant loss. Muscles are critical in the performance of many activities of daily living. Thus, to compensate for the physiological deterioration, there is a need for an ageing individual to work at maintaining good muscles reflexes & tone. Exercising need not mean going to the gym alone but there are simple exercises that can be performed even at home to try stem some of the effects of loss. Tai Chi, pilate, are known to be good for focusing on issues of balance. Walking & swimming helps tone muscles. Understanding that there is the need to work at compensating some of the physiological changes as a person ages goes a long way as self help is key.

Our homes & the environment we live in need to be looked at again. Lighting is important. Clutter is another. Uneven surfaces where once was not an issue, may need to be looked at again as a person ages. A small step poses danger if the area is poorly lit or clutter makes it harder to appreciate the need for caution.

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