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Top 7 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors
Submitted By: Holly Clark
Massage therapy can be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience not just for the younger generation but also for seniors. Many seniors believe that massage therapy will not benefit them much. The truth is precisely the opposite. There are numerous health benefits of massage therapy for seniors. Massage therapy can help seniors with a lot of problems that become more common with age. In the longer term, massage therapy can reduce the need for relying on harmful medicines. Instead of ignoring the need for massage therapy, it is time that more and more seniors opt for the same. We will today highlight the top 7 health benefits of massage therapy for seniors.

1. Improves blood circulation:
The primary benefit of massage therapy is that it increases blood circulation. With age, the blood circulating capacity of the body decreases. Massage therapy is a beneficial and natural way to counter this process. When any senior undergoes a massage, the blood flow to the limbs and the extremes of the body increases significantly. It also means that the nutrient supply to those parts of the body increases. That is why; massage can be beneficial for the seniors.

Jane Byrne at FirstCare.ie points out that there are many types of dementia, each with their own causes and symptoms. “However, there are similarities across the board, which we need to combat. Dementia is so widespread nowadays that all healthcare professionals really have to stand up and take notice.”

2. Balance improvement:
With the old age, falling becomes a persistent and frequent problem. The problem is that the bones are not that firm and hence, it is difficult for seniors to maintain proper balance. With the help of massage, the bones will gain a lot of strength, and the blood flow increases to the limbs. When that happens, stability can be improved significantly. When the balance enhances, the chances of falling reduce dramatically. Falling in old age can lead to a lot of injuries. With the reduction in the frequency of falling, such injuries become a thing of the past.

3. Reduces stress:
Mobility decreases during old age. One of the side effects of decreased mobility is the stiff muscles which seniors often suffer from. With the help of massage, the muscle tissues can soften easily. When that happens, the stress in the muscles reduces significantly. If there is any muscle pain, that also reduces. That is why; massage is excellent therapy for seniors.

Massage is not only responsible for reducing the physical stress of the body but the mental stress as well. As physical stress reduces, you feel more relieved, and therefore, the mental stress reduces as well. All in all, if you’re looking to relax a senior physically and mentally, massage therapy is the perfect option.

4. Stimulation of the nervous system:
When you undergo massage, endorphins and various other hormones get released in the body. Endorphins are mood enhancing hormones. They also increase your energy levels. In seniors, they can easily uplift their spirit and make them more energetic. The relaxation coupled with a high amount of energy can help them accomplish more when they opt for massage regularly. It is the main reason why massage is so beneficial for seniors.

5. Improves sleep quality:
Therapeutic massage can reduce mental and physical stress. When the stress levels go down, the sleep quality automatically improves. It is one of the essential reasons why seniors often report better sleep quality immediately after massage. When they get a massage regularly, it becomes a norm rather than a one-time improvement.

During the old age, the duration of sleeping hours decreases dramatically. It can have a disastrous effect on the body. Using massage, if you can increase your sleeping hours or your sleep quality, it will help you lead a relaxed life.

6. Strengthens the immune system:
Massages are directly responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. The advantage of fewer toxins is that the immune system is enhanced. When these toxins are on the lower side, you will fall ill less frequently. It means that your immunization will not always be at war. You can maintain your health without any issue.

When the blood flow increases, the nutrient supply to the body increases. It improves the working of the digestive system. All of this strengthens the immunization system and reduces the impact of pathogens in the body. You can even decrease the occurrence of common ailments like cough and cold. You need to keep in mind that to gain these benefits you have to go for massage therapy regularly. These benefits are consistent across all ages and therefore are seen in seniors as well.

7. Reduces chronic pain:
In many cases, the increased blood circulation also reduces chronic pain in seniors. When the blood flow to the joints increases significantly, there is a warming effect on the area which can reduce chronic pain. Most of the seniors rely on painkillers to reduce pain which are detrimental in the longer term.

When you look at the benefits of massage therapy, you will realize that it can help you reduce pain without any side effects. Since the method is entirely natural, massage therapy can help you get relief from pain in the longer term. It is one of the main advantages of massage therapy for seniors.

So, if you think that massage therapy is perfect only for adults and the younger generation, you are entirely wrong. These are numerous massage therapy benefits for seniors. Since massage therapy is a natural process, seniors can stay away from the side effects. Massage therapy can help them solve a lot of old age problems which can make their life much more comfortable.

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