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Allergy can gravely affect quality of life. A client describes it as trying to breath under water! Most sufferers in fact have forgotten how it felt like to breath freely and fully.

People living with the sufferers may not appreciate the real impact as many sufferers choose to suffer in silence since it is such a common ailment. Except if you are a parent, then you feel as much as your kids feel or even worse – plague with absolute helplessness, not sure of any other course of action other than suppression-only inhalants. People are left clinging to the hope that it will go away by itself eventually – which never comes for many.

The most common symptoms are inflammation and mucus congestion flooding the “caves” called sinuses behind the forehead and nose making breathing difficult.

Swelling and phlegm can also close-up the airway further down our throat. Wheezing, coughing, even asthmatic attacks can happen as the lung air-sacs start to seize-up.

Red rashes and hives can also form all over the skin, causing sensitivity, inflammation, itchiness and pain, not to mention self-consciousness and low self-esteem.
Other adverse effect are felt deeper inside the body as the lining of organs, tissues such as muscles and ligament and our circulatory tubes such as blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves are made up of epithelial cells similar to the skin and therefore can react to allergy like the skin, but on the inside.
Allergy can go on to cause more serious conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with symptoms such as stomach and abdomen upset and diarrhea or constipation. Symptoms similar to food poisioning like vomiting, dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue, food poisoning can also occur as the body over-reacts to try to purge out toxins.

Allergy is one of the most misunderstood health conditions. People have been taught to think that allergy is something one is born with and they just need to avoid it and they will be ok. Commonly it is thought of as certain food like milk or wheat, pollen and dust. However, they find that even by avoiding diligently, they still become weaker and weaker and the list of allergies still continue to grow longer and longer over time. Why is that so?

Allergy reaction is our in-built alarm bell system. When we are allergic to food or some-how feel put-off by certain food or pollutants, it is because our body’s condition at that point in time is not suitable for those food you are taking or pollutants in the vicinity you are in. These irritants induce our immune system to produce high level of histamine which causes our body to try to eject out the “poison” which has entered us.

For example, if your digestive stomach and gut is inflamed, eating inflammatory food (food that absorbs precious water from our cells) will continue to cause inflammation of the gut walls and surrounding organs. This will keep your body in a weakened state as digestion movement and absorption ability through swollen gut walls are gravely impaired. Your body will then become allergic to inflammatory food such as spices, eggs, milk cheese, dairy products, seafood, peanut, wheat, gluten which needs a lot of movement energy, enzymes and water to digest and absorb.

Allergy is an indication that your body cannot take in any more “heaty or inflammatory” food when it is inflamed or “heaty’. Conversely, if your body is weak and your limbs are cold due to poor quality blood (lack of oxygen and nutrients), then taking cold food like nightshades, turnips, cucumber will worsen the condition of the body. Same goes for environmental irritants.

If your skin is flooded with histamine reacting to acid accumulated in our skin and infestation of virus, bacteria and fungi causing red rashes, it will become hypersensitive to other irritants like sand, dust, pollen, grass, mites coming to a already inflamed skin.

Avoiding those food or environmental irritants forever not only cause living restrictions, it can cause further nutrition problems which can send the health of the body into a tail-spin as the body could not obtain the bio-diversity of nutrients and social stimulation it requires.

Allergic reaction robs our body of energy, oxygen and nutrients and prevents it from functioning properly which ultimately leads to degeneration and disease.

Prolonged condition can also lead to auto-immune diseases where the defence cells can no long differentiate good cells from the bad and attack the good cells causing wide spread inflammation. Inflammation causes joint pain and organ like thyroid and kidney to fail.

Many think food or pollen alone is responsible. The real truth is that allergic reaction is an after effect, not the cause. Some most key causes are:

1. Overall high toxicity – toxins accumulate over time from chemical in food, pesticides and poor elimination makes our body acidic which corrodes our tissues.

2. Digestion problem leading to leaky gut where undigested food enters and rots in our blood and tissues and lymphatic system.

3. Psychosomatic – under stress, the body goes into a frenzy triggering inappropriate allergic reaction.

4. Low immune – defence system malfunctions and overreacts causing over production of anti-histamine.

5. Poor diet or nutrients malabsorption – cause declining function and inflammation of blood cells, organs and system all over including immune, metabolic and circulatory system.

Firstly, you need to trace and establish the real root cause of the Allergy. It can be one or even be a combination of a few of the conditions mentioned above. Knowing the real root cause, we can then be able to take out the guesswork and to be able to treat and recommend the natural ways to restore the body back to homeostatic health balance through diet, lifestyle and natural remedies.

We employ the use of the world’s most intelligent, most comprehensive, fastest, non-invasive health analysis and treatment computers under 1 roof – Asyra Pro, Sensitiv Imago, Metatron Golden Dragon (Medical with Ayurveda and TCM) and Bicom Optimus Plus.

It takes only 30 mins to scan 100,000 items – food, toxins and health. You can follow the 3D telescopic pictures of the different parts of your body being scanned. You can see all that is happening in your body! No fasting or blood taking.

We are giving away free educational trial scans for you and your loved ones to experience and gain better understanding of our all-natural analysis and treatment options for Allergy and any other health conditions.

 Nutrients deficiencies and malabsorption
 Food allergies and intolerances
 Environmental allergens
 Chemical and heavy metal toxins
 Psychosomatic influences
 Early health concerns to advanced chronic diseases overview

DEEPER SCAN $250 with reports and 1 hour consultation
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 Abnormal growth, cancer markers, genetic disorders

Hope to have the opportunity to help you and your loved ones to be disease free.

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