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Understanding holistic medicine approach to Diabetes.
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-- DIABETES -- Sugar from the blood is transported constantly into the cells by insulin hormone (produced by the pancreas) to use as raw material to produce energy. When this process fails, it is called Diabetes. This results in chronic fatigue and it is damaging to the heart and kidney.

Conventional Medicine says …
The typical treatment is, hence, to inject synthetic insulin into our body to compensate. Many other drugs are also to be taken to soften the known toxic side effects. As this is only a symptom suppression method, many, unfortunately and eventually, would go on to suffer from having to undergo regular dialysis, blindness, amputation of the limbs, heart and kidney failure and premature death.

Natural Holistic Medicine says …
Whilst the insulin is indeed the culprit, it is the effect and not the cause. The real root causes are:

Physical trauma
Pancreas malfunction so that insulin produced is of poor quality or insufficient– this can be due to physical tissue damage caused by trauma, damaged nerves, compromised blood and nutrient supply.

Lack of hormone material due to poor diet
Insulin is a hormone. It is made from master hormone, Pregnanolone. There might be a general lack of nutrients to make sufficient master hormone material to be used to make insufficient good quality insulin.

Stress hogs hormone material
Pregnanolone insufficiency can also be due to the body giving stress hormone Cortisol nutrient priority over others. Not enough raw material is given to make insulin and other required hormones such as melatonin for sleep and anti-cancer agent progesterone to control estrogen, as well as important enzymes for proper digestion.

Prolong stress wears out the pancreas
When your body is stressed, heaps of Cortisol is produced. Cortisol will then instruct the thyroid to raise metabolism and pancreas to produce more insulin to produce energy in support of the fight or flight response.
Prolong stress wears out the pancreas together with the thyroid and adrenals amongst many other things that need to work well in our body.

Attack by parasites and microbes
Pancreas is a popular organ for parasites and germs to reside e.g. candida, H Pylori and liver flukes.

Treating root cause:
Root cause analysis is first step in identifying (pre) Diabetic conditions. We need to know which organs and hormones are affected and to what extend. We need to know what nutrients the body need as well as allergies ad toxins the body is suffering from and need to be addressed.
This complex task is made possible only through use of advanced computer.

We advocate using Bodisciences’ most advanced, fastest and most comprehensive health analysis computers to evaluate your overall health non-invasively, affordably and quickly. 60,000 conditions are analysed under just 10 mins. The accuracy is EC certified at 96%. The comprehensiveness enables root cause to be traced effectively. Special attention is to be paid to the related organs such as brain, pancreas, thyroid, stress adrenal glands and their hormones, microbes and parasites as well as allergies and nutrient deficiencies as regard to Diabetes.

From the findings, natural methods can then be recommended to fix the problems – nutrition modification, nutrient supplementation, lifestyle change and body therapy such as deep lymphatic work will produces amazing results within 1 to 3 months.

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