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About us

Who are we

Service Providers – Professional Medical Guardians

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is a service provider of Professional Medical Guardian Services. We train & supply Professional Medical Guardians. Our training syllabus is tailored to be holistic & balanced in providing candidates knowledge but more so, in the application & relevance of what the information is about. To perform as professionals, there is the requirement of standards & consistency. We have a register for the enrolment of these trained personnel.

Platform for Ancillary Services

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is also a platform provider for Ancillary Services. Our website is bringing together services for ease & convenience. Advertising is not freelance. Our service providers are vetted. As a company, we understand the distress a free open market approach to acquiring services could sometimes bring undesired consequences. We have therefore, taken the approach of, a Service Directory.

While we cannot guarantee the quality of service provided by each independent provider, Medical Guardian Pte Ltd, having done due diligence, is satisfied that service providers are bona fide before any advertisements are uploaded onto our website.

Secular Community

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is secular in its outlook. Our welcome is to all. There is no preference nor distinction for as a company, we believe in universality & equality.

Why choose us

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd believes in standards. We believe in sustainability, social justice, equality & being ethical. As guiding principles, these are important to us & we hope they are to you, too.